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European Roulette Review

Roulette is another game that will attract a lot of attention. Any player that has visited a land casino will know this game is full of action and can offer amazing payouts. With Microgaming’s European Roulette, players can enjoy that same excitement. This classic game is available for free, allowing players to practice betting and provides time to learn the payouts for different bets. There is also a real money version, which will offer those same payouts in cash!

European Roulette is the best roulette version that can be played as it offers a better house edge than American Roulette. With this Microgaming game, there are 36 spaces on the wheel and only a single 0 is in play. For those players who are looking to bet real money on this game, the betting options range form $1 to $970 per game. The key to playing European Roulette is knowing the best bets and what these bets will pay.

Beginners should stick to simple bets like Red/Black or Odd/Even. These are even money bets that can provide frequent wins that will allow players to have a longer playing session. Once they become familiar with how to bet, they can start to experiment with other betting options. By hovering over a spot on the table, the odds and payouts for each et will be shown. There are many different betting options, including streets, splits, corners, dozens and more. The top payout from this game will come from a successful single number bet, which will pay 35:1.

Some new players may be intimidated by the roulette game since there are so many betting options. However, by taking advantage of the free European Roulette game, players can learn all about the different bets and will be prepared for when they start placing real money wagers on the game.

There are some betting systems that are commonly used by players who enjoy online roulette, but these are not a guaranteed way to win. However, players may have some success with these bets and can practice them with the free version. The most popular betting system used is the Martingale System, calling for players to double their bet amounts when they lose a round. While this can result in larger wins, it can also quickly deplete the bankroll.