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Double Bonus Online Video Poker Review

Video poker is one of the best games that any player can choose when gambling. This game offers the lowest house edge and with multiple game variations, players can enjoy the thrills of winning while at home. At Microgaming online casinos, there are many different game choices, but one is quite popular with players. Double Bonus Poker is a variation of video poker that provides the chance to win a 4000 coin jackpot and various payouts for different four of a kind hands that are created.

To begin the game, players will choose to play for free or for real money. This video poker version supports bets starting at $0.25 and going to $25 per hand. There is a maximum of five coins to be bet and in order to win the 4,000 coin jackpot. This maximum bet must be placed. After choosing a bet amount, players will be dealt five cards. They will then determine which to hold and which to discard. Discarded cards will be replaced with new cards. The goal is to create the best ranking poker hand possible with the five cards in play. New cards can only be drawn once, so it is important to have an understanding of basic video poker strategies before playing. When playing online, players can refer to strategy charts to help make the right decisions.

The thing that sets Double Bonus Poker apart from a standard video poker game is the additional payouts when a four of a kind hand is created. Four of a kind hands using 5s through Kings will reward players with 250 coins with a max bet. Four of a kind hands created with 2, 3 and 4 will pay 400 coins on a five coin bet. Hands created with Aces will pay 800 coins on a five coin bet. These payouts will be lower if players have bet fewer coins.

Double Bonus Poker is based on Jacks or Better, so payouts with start with a pair of Jacks or higher. This game is easy to learn and is a great variation for beginner players. With the chance to win a 4,000 coin payout and the added four of a kind combinations, players using optimal strategy will enjoy frequent wins and will benefit from a game with one of the lowest house edges.