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This Pogo Games Help page is provided by those of you who have discovered Pogo and its multitude of multiplayer browser based games and feel like a little help and advice might go a long way to help ease you into understanding the site and some of the more popular and interesting games and badge challenges.

Pogo Games has single and multiplayer web games of all types and is an extremely professional and competent site. The java games implementations and art work are especially fine. It contains many dozens of different online games some of which are free to all comers, others require you to become a subscribed 'club' member. Membership is yearly or monthly. Members are issued challenges each week for which they can gain Pogo badges. Pogo Badges are also offered as awards for reaching landmarks in certain games. More on how to gain Pogo badges later.

The different types of game are categorised as follows: Card & Board, Word games, Solitaire (so many different types it has its own category), Puzzle, Casual Sports, Sports & Arcade and Token Casino - more about tokens later. Of course, games such as blackjack and roulette, to name but two, are available on numerous dedicated online casino sites if you must have the added thrill of playing with real cash; something Pogo does not offer. Online casino games are mostly played via a custom-written java game interface which is generally of the highest quality and some of these game implementations are multiplayer games with up to twenty players competing against the casino alongside you.

The most popular online games offered at club Pogo are often referred to as 'very addictive' including Poppit!, Pop Fu, Dice City Roller, Lottso! WordWhomp and PoppaZoppa as well as video poker and slots that many people find very addictive when cash jackpots are involved. Don't let the strange game names put you off, they are popular for a reason! We will be dealing with descriptions of these games below and for some there will be provided further hints and tips and help with strategies for success and how to gain Pogo Badges quickly. More recognizable names of popular games are Monopoly, Yahtzee, Canasta, Pool (8 and 9 ball pool) and Poker, both draw and texas hold 'em plus six ! card Omaha. Frankly most of the poker games are best avoided by the serious poker player but if you are a serious pogo badge collector then the Poker Tips entry below is a must to check out.

When playing pogo games you will gain tokens which can be spent on the site in various ways, including in daily, weekly and monthly prize draws for real cash. Gaining a jackpot spin when you win a game provides you with the chance to win a mystery amount of Pogo Games Tokens or, if you have also been hit by lightning recently, cash prizes of various sizes, some of which can be in the thousands of dollars.

Pogo Game Description
Poppit! Tips
Help! For the very hottest hints and tips on not just winning at Poppit! but clearing the whole screen of those pesky balloons, simply click the link on the left.
Lottso! Tips & Hints
The ever popular Lottso! Click this link for Hints, tips and help with game winning strategies which will soon see you amazing your friends with never-before-seen high scores.
Gaining Pogo Badges
Love Pogo Badges? - This is for you! Click here for information about Pogo game award badges, which are easiest to collect and how to get a head start on your friends with the number of badges you can collect.
Gaining Pogo Badges 2

Really Love Pogo Badges? - Another page of the easiest to gain Pogo game award badges. Harder than the first page, but definitely easier than the average game award badge. Get the drop on your friends with this badge collectors guide.
Poker Tips
One of the major categories of games on Pogo in terms of badges offered are games based on the card game of poker. Everyone has heard of poker as a generic five card game but there are many forms of the game and Pogo has implementations of many, from the very common Texas Hold 'Em and draw poker to some far more obscure versions including six card Omaha. All these different complications put many Club Pogo members off the poker games, but there are dozens of badges to be won in the Pogo poker corner so if you're badge hungry check out this link to find out more.
Club Pogo have implemented this classic strategy game in a typically smooth and cool way with several user options which enable you to configure the best game possible to your own tastes. This site takes you through the options, suggests which are best, for whom and why and also gives some excellent Battleship strategy tips for beating both human opponents and Pogo's AI robots; which can be pretty tough on their highest level.
Multiplayer Monopoly

Here now! The newest and most popular game added to Pogo in years; the ever popular Monopoly. An in-depth review of the various Mopnopoly game options that Pogo offer, the pros and cons of each and the best way to play a serious game while avoiding cheats and cheaters as well as just bad losers out to spoil the rest of the game for the other players.
Winning At Word Whomp
Tips hints and strategy to win at word whomp (some of which transfer to Word Whomp Whackdown also) Plus some 'cheats' and advice on winning specific word whomp badges as well as a link to an anagram server should outright cheating become the order of the day!
Pogo Games
To play Pogo Games right now click this link, including Poppit! Lottso! Battleship and multiplayer Monopoly free online. Pogo also offers membership with which more games are available and cash prize jackpots are automatically doubled. If you want more details, including hints, tips, cheats and strategies to win on some of the many games offered by Pogo, checkout the information above.

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