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MUDS developed from single user text adventure games into play online Multi User Dungeons or Multi User Dimensions depending on who you talk to, and so the phrase was coined. But the important thing about MUDS is the multiplayer aspect. By far the greatest challenge and/or enjoyment you should expect to find in any of the MUDS listed here are the other players sharing the online game world environment with you. See also our related listings (menu on the left) for top quality MUDS resources and MUD clients..

Site Title and Rank Description
First Age
After the apocalytptic divine war, the continent of Avalon is bathed in a new dawn where you the mortal can play a major role. This is the original format of the classic Avalon online RPG (role playing game) before civilization evolved and removed the rough edges. Expect blood and gore once you are through the initial new player support and you had better be on your mettle. First Age provides a java client for immediate play from your browser.
An interactive interpretation of Pratchett's Discworld books. Lots of fun and wit in the absence of any serious role playing or the usual mud combat, something which can be quite refreshing from time to time, especially considering the choice of code base in use here. This game is well established and lovingly maintained and must be a contender for the longest running non-commercial MUD, maintained by voluntary contributions and the generous permission of Terry Pratchett to use his intellectual copyright free of charge.
Avalon; The Legend Lives
Avalon encourages role playing, though in such an emotive world eventually, except for the most dedicated of role players, the real personality of the person behind the character tends to shine through. A world of enormous depth and complexity, yet with comprehensive help and guidance for the absolute novice, Avalon is totally original in its conception and creation and it continues to grow from its origins in the late 1980s and features some of the most evocative descriptive writing of any MUD game. There is a massive web site for additional help plus detailed history of the land and culture. Also on the web site is an advanced Java client for immediate play which is suitable for novices to intermediate players, even those choosing a combat role (read the help for macro programming for example). However, in such a competetive world with a combat system that provides an almost infinite number of attack and defence permutations, a competent mud client is recommended, even for those who choose mainly pacifist, political or economic pursuits within this world environment - one never knows when things might boil over.
The Wheel Of Time MUD
Based on the series of books by Robert Jordan, this MUD attempts to create a world which fans of the series will recognise and be able to interact within. Expect a lot of combat and not too much help unless you have read it for yourself on the web site first or you quickly make a friends with someone more experienced (always good advice!). This is the best of the Wheel of time MUDS that are to be found out there and has been established since 1993.
Age of Alchemy and Sorcery
A new Mud based on the battle between the Alchemists in the good city of Carnac and the Sorcerers of the evil city of Karkaroth. The game is relatively small in size but is expanding at a good rate largely due to some enthusiastic developers. It has some promising featuers and the basic setting for the game is excellent, with clear roleplaying potential for both sides. It is safe to say 'watch this space'.
Materia Magica
Based in the land of Alyria, this a typical AD&D style game where your attributes such as strength and wisdom are picked for you at random before you start. However, it is well maintained, has a large player base and a java client for instant access and, most importantly, is all originally written. It is also free at the moment of writing. 
One of the longest running LP Muds and for years has boasted it is one of the largest MUDS on the net, a claim that may well be true considering that hundreds of different people have worked on its development. A bit of a fantasy theme mish-mash, really but ranks here due to its sense of community as much as anything.  
Based in the harsh climate of the desert planet known as Zalanthas, where, curiously, a number of different character 'classes' can be found such as elves as well as humans. The emphasis is very much on role playing. One of the things this means is that before you play you must submit a character description and 'history' by e-mail which will be vetted and either accepted or rejected. Once your character is killed then it is gone for good and you must create a new one, but you must NOT use information gained by previous characters to advance your next character. Such abuses along with a number of others are decided upon by 'The Staff' (shame somee more in-character name couldn't be found). This MUD game takes itself seriously (as most good MUDS should), which makes you wonder why it restricted itself to modified DIKU code. Besides all this there are many other self-imposed reasons why this MUD should have all sorts of problems surviving - the very fact that it has been around for over a decade tells you that some very dedicated people are involved and play this game. And, as we say above, its the people that make MUDS interesting. Worth a visit if you're into role playing MUDS but previous mudding experience is recommended as well as a competent MUD client.
Age of the Throne
The dramatic backdrop of 17th Century Paris, in the time of King Louis XIII, The Kings Musketeers and Cardinal Richelieu provides the setting for this role playing domain. A refreshingly unique scenario. A java MUD console is provided for immediate play from your browser without the need for downloads. Relatively young for a MUD but under constant development.
Federation has been around for a long long time and is an extremely popular MUD that has grown old gracefully. It is a space fantasy in which you travel and trade between hundreds of planets. You may even reach the stage of creating your own planet for other players to visit.

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