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This page is concerned with graphics games only, click here for text based MMORPGs. Online Graphical Games have come a long way since multiplayer Doom constantly crashed the Novell network at work. Or have they? Although there are now genres spanning role playing games, MUDS, board and card games, player versus player combat is still king. There are many games which have been released with great gusto into alpha and beta stages, without having moved on from that point for years. Whilst the larger companies dominate the market still, many have been criticised for churning out the same product over and over without any real exploration of new ideas. Even so-called graphical role playing games tend to be of the 'pick which character you want to play' type and focus on graphical effects is often at the expense of attention to the possibilities for interaction between players. However, there does appear to be a trend towards improvement of game play rather than simply marvelling at the latest technology. Below is a list of those online graphical games which are playable to a depth that is both immersive and enjoyable whilst maintaining a high quality.

Some of the very best, most professional graphical implementations of games to be found on the web these days are provided by online casinos and online poker sites. Due to the draw of casino games such as blackjack, roulette and video slot games and the explosion in the popularity of Texas Hold Em based online poker tournaments, many such sites have a huge, paying user base and often spare no expense in their graphical presentation.

Site Title and Rank Description
Tribes 2
Building upon the award-winning Starsiege Tribes, Tribes 2 inserts you into breathtaking worlds where teamwork and guts are the only true keys to survival. Join an existing Tribe on one of over a hundred servers or start one of your own. This massive online gaming network offers servers for the absolute novice to find their feet or the real hardcore warfare players. Starsiege Tribes was the first online multiplayer game to incorporate fast graphics and 3D game play over the internet, with vertical jet packs that allowed air to air combat without the need for vehicles. Tribes 2 has been improved in both its features and aesthetics. To buy the CD that is necessary to start playing, you can follow the link to the left. However, you can download the Tribes 2 demo from the following link.

Tribes 2 demo

Starsiege Tribes
Starsiege Tribes, as mentioned above, was the first and fastest 3D game that allowed players to fight in the air, with the use of jet packs, and the ground. Including the first Tribes vehicles. It essentially revolves around teams defending their bases which contain flags and vital equipment such as generators which power the mounted guns. Despite the ineffective and unimaginative vehicles, which was dealt with in Tribes 2, we are very tempted to score this version of tribes, the original, higher than the sequel. This is entirely down to the speed of action. Tribes 2 has been made significantly slower, not in its capability, simply in the speed at which you can move your character. The jet packs are less effective and the real fast witted tactical playing has thus been limited. This is due to Sierra having had complaints from people who could not keep up with the action, or master the harder aspects of the game. Naturally, they have downgraded the speed to allow more players to buy their product and remain satisfied. Unsurprisingly, the full version of Tribes 1 is extremely difficult to get, and has been almost entirely eradicated from the internet. You may still be able to find it in your local computer store, or you can download the extremely playable demo by following the link below and navigating to the bottom of that page.

Starsiege Tribes demo

Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is an extremely intense and engrossing experience that successfully combines two types of warfare: all-out, large-scale missions like the landing at Normandy, and smaller-scale, behind the lines missions that involve sabotage and intelligence work. It successfully shows the most authentic wartime atmosphere ever seen in a game and uses history to exaggerate the cutting-edge 3D design and game play. If you like high action, realistic game play that puts you in the middle of WWII, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is the game for you. It is not the most imaginative of settings but EA Games have done what they set out to do. Currently, you are able to play online multiplayer missions that allow up to 32 players and EA Games promise more features in the not so distant future. The demo can be downloaded from the official site that can be found by following the link on the left.
Wolfenstien 3D and Doom were perhaps the first graphical online shoot 'em ups on the internet and Quake was quick to follow. In its hay day this game introduced good graphics and fast action over relatively slow internet connections. Perhaps the best for todays fast connections is the most recent, Quake III. It's a game simply comprised of multiplayer and simulated multiplayer gameplay. Quake 3 gives you four ways to play multiplayer. Free For All (Deathmatch), Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Tournament. Although highly popular, Quake III has been criticised for its lack of running efficiency and original options for those that have played this type of game before. Despite this the creators have succeeded in bringing together a game that is easy to play and entertainingly violent. The demo's of all three from the link on the left. If you are not sure which release to try first, we suggest you go by the speed of your computer. If you have the following, or above, then Quake III is for you, less than this and you should go for earlier versions of Quake.

System requirements for Quake III:

3-D Hardware Accelerator with full OpenGL® support
Pentium II® 300 Mhz or AMD® 350 Mhz K6®-2 processor or Athlon® processor
Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000 operating system
16 MB video card
Quad-speed CD-ROM drive (600 K/sec. sustained transfer rate)
Infantry Zone
Infantry is a multi-player online overhead action game from the makers of subspace. It is currently in open beta and available for public testing free from their home page (left).. Download size is decent and loads up fast, however the game does not come with the maps so you will have to download them as you play each zone from inside the game itself. The graphics are excellent and there is enough original material here to make sure an old idea will not be as dull as they often are. In infantry there are several different "zones" to play in. Each has its own play style from capture the flag to an all out war zone. Once in a zone you must pick a character class. The classes determine what type of weapons are available for you to use. You may find many of the existing players a real problem. A fair majority of the 'veterans' will either not ineract at all, or simply fob off novices that ask questions. Your best option is to read the online help available, or risk chancing it and finding a helpful player.
Wulfram 2
In a place and time far away from where we are today, two intergalactic forces fight for control over a few strategic planets. In large antigravity hovertanks battle lines are being drawn. A commander controls mammoth spaceships orbiting far above the battlefield. New temporary military bases are being built as the enemy is destroying old ones. The goal? Complete annihilation of the enemy. This setting may well lack originality and stunning graphics but the way in which the creators approach the game is what makes it one of the best on the internet. They, on their front page, list all that they see as being wrong with the game: out of date graphics engine and a steep learning curve. It is free to play and has a top class online community of players who make full use of the diverse game dynamics. The people who run it put time and effort into ensuring that new players are given all the help they need and ensure that their community is kept up to date with the up and coming improvements.
Anarchy Online
Almost 30,000 years from now, the world is no longer the same. Humanity has expanded its territory, and large parts of the known universe have been colonised.The setting of the game is Rubi-Ka, a red and barren desert planet in a remote part of the universe. A seemingly insignificant planet, made important by its presence of a rich notum ore. Players can choose to join rebel clans which are fighting to oust a vicious and totally immoral company that has mutated its human workforce with devastating results. You should expect to find political intrigue and battles in a high quality graphical online game.

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