This section is one of the hardest to construct and maintain. Many, many war games (which tend to be the ultimate strategy games along with chess and poker tournaments) require such detailed knowledge of the period involved that a specialist is required to evaluate them to the level that Online Games Network requires before it will add to the listing. All online game submissions will be considered and are welcome, however, unless the game choice is more simple such as Stratego, Battleships or Chess, a detailed opinion of why the strategy game should be included would be helpful. Meanwhile we have found that the vast majority of board games are best played on a board with a group of friends! The classic game of 'Risk!' for example has dozens of online implementations but none come close to being good enough for inclusion in this directory. Online Games Network continues the search however! Meanwhile - here are some offerings that raise themselves well above the rest for one reason or another..

Site Title and Rank Strategy Board Game Description
Ed's Stratego Site
A free site covering all aspects of this wonderful board game of strategy for (usually) two players to play online. The site is simple, well laid out, packed with information and lovingly tended by a committed fan, if just a tad infrequently. But then how much new is there to add to a game that has been around since 1961? Other online Stratego sites do not measure up and although there are sites for playing the game online we have not found them of sufficient quality to list here. However, this site has links to all other online Stratego sites and is, as it states, easily the number 1 Stratego site on the net. If you play this game, you must visit it, if you do not play this game, its about time you started.
Online Battleship Game
An excellent independent online, multiplayer browser-based implementation of this classic two player battleships game. Its main strength is a friendly but competetive community amongst which challenges are frequently issued and a league ladder of success is maintained extending the strategy aspect of play beyond the single game. Once registered you can play up to 5 games at once and as you play you gain credits which can be used towards gaining more powerful weapons which lend another dimension to strategy and game-play. New ideas are accepted from registered users and improvements are ever on-going. All-in-all well worth checking out.
Online Monopoly
At last a multiplayer version of Monopoly online that is slick and playable. Called 'World Monopoly' it has been introduced by Pogo Games for, at least for the moment, both pogo club players and for visitors also who may play for free. As already said, this is a very slick java implementation, trading is excellent between players, the board spaces are represented as world cities rather than streets and the prices and layout are all within the correct proportions as the original.

There are several different types of monopoly to choose from, Offical Monopoly (the original Monopoly rules), Custom Monopoly Allowing various options such as payouts on free parking etc. Other variations are available making this a very interesting option indeed. It can also be a boring option if the wrong options are clubbed together. Definitely worth checking out in detail on our full blow Monopoly page. Pogo Monopoly This is a faster version with a limited number of turns. Other options are also available which are detailed on the Monopoly page..

This version of Monopoly doesn't rate 5 stars because like most multiplayer Pogo games with the format of the players sitting round a table, a maximum of four players only are allowed, which is a shame. If you choose to play with less than four players, you can choose to have the other places taken up by Robot players or left empty. The robot players do have differing styles of play there is an 'enhanced AI' option.
Internet Chess Club
By far the best online chess implementation we have come across. A modest subscription gets you access to the site and the chance to play all levels of players, including grand and international masters at bullet, blitz and normally timed chess as well as odd variations. Also lectures to improve your game, regular tournaments and a host of other features. Each players is ranked using recognised methods based on your results against others. There are vast chess databases to access and you can build your own as you play each game. Truly a wonderful site. Check it out for free as a guest using the free software provided for connection. Highly recommended.
A free site which includes a multitude of java-based, single player browser games including many implementations of classic '80s arcade games and some single player adventures. Also sports games and multiplayer backgammon and chess implementations and some interactive support for Web TV users.
Jack-of-all-trades but master of none, the Yahoo games section still deserves to be mentioned. It does have reasonable implementations of many games (such as chess, reversi and backgammon, card games like blackjack, bridge, canasta and other games like mah jong and even pool). It is free and the site is extremely popular and consequently suffers from all the frustrations that go along with that scenario. If two of you are looking for a quiet game of something then using a private table at Yahoo can be an easy answer, otherwise there is most probably another site offering a better implementation of your chosen game which may take some setting up but will ultimately be more worth while for it.

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