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A very good implementation of this game that works surprisingly well online and which has been a huge hit for Pogo Games. The official rules are much like the original which we will assume almost everyone knows already, so we'll start there, look at the variations then finish with some good advice and top online game network hints and tips for getting the most out of your monopoly game play.

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Online Monopoly Game Version Rule Variations
Monopoly Online Multiplayer Official Rules

The original rules, beautifully implemented apart from one or minor quibble and one major one. The major one is that you are restricted to four players... c'est la vie, it does make for a faster game; an hour is usually quite enough time to complete as the online trading is efficient and works well, and all cash handling is automatic.

The minor point is that it would appear that exact balance with the original design has been intended (although properties have been internationalised as cities and cash amounts modernised but all in proportion) apart from a couple of annoying cases. The equivalent chance card in the original Monopoly that was, in the UK version, 'Go back to Old Kent Road' (or in this version Tapai) has been removed and replaced with an advance to one of the transport spaces where upon double rent is due. This significantly increases the value of the transport properties and decreases the value of the poor brown set which are already the cheapest properties on the board.

Monopoly Online Pogo Rules

The major change here is that the game is restricted to 35 rounds of moves and the game ends when the second person goes bankrupt. At the end of the 35th round the player with the greatest net worth wins. This does change the tactics significantly making the cash collecting properties (transport and utilities) more valuable, not least because it is quite possible to go through such a game with no set owned by any player and therefore not one house is built. On bankruptcy a player's properties are all unmortgaged no matter their previous state and distributed randomly. This can often seem unfairly advantageous, significantly altering net worth and therefore the potential winner.

Online Monopoly Multiplayer Family Rules

These rules basically guarantee a fast game. The first player to reach a net worth of $50 million wins outright, otherwise the game stops after 45 minutes or 35 turns (whichever is shortest) or when the first player goes bankrupt. Houses need not be built evenly and there is no limit on the overall number of houses or hotels, nor is any fee exacted for unmortgaging a property - not that this really comes into play because there is a minimum of $5 million for landing on Free Parking, plus all fines and taxes go there too and there is double cash for landing exactly on Go (usually after being sent there by a chance card). Basically a de-skilling of the game which, we suppose, gives the youngest the child a chance to get lucky and win. Hence 'Family' Not very satisfactory or, indeed, popular, when all is said and done.

Monopoly Multiplayer Speedy Rules

This is really a game for those that are pushed for time! The first player to reach $35 million net worth wins outright. This is about double their starting amount as each player is given 3 properties to begin with at random, and this can have a huge and immediate bearing on net worth, of course. If no one manages to reach this target the game stops after 30 minutes anyway, or 30 turn rounds or when the first player goes bankrupt, whichever occurs soonest. Jail turns are restricted to one which basically means no time spent in jail at all. All other rules are as the official rules. An Online Games Network top pogo Speedy Monopoly tip is go first and throw a double, as long as it isn't double two you'll probably be in an unassailable position by the end of that go! Trade with the computers for every property you buy for a profit and you can be over the finishing line within 5-10 minutes!

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