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Our search takes in internet gaming sites to cover all tastes from fun online casinos to the best online gambling sites and the top online poker sites and resources, as well as various interactive strategy games, word games, and an array of multiplayer role playing game worlds to play online.

Although we cast our net wide, our watch word throughout is quality. From online RPGs, fantasy games, adventure games and other MMORPGS through to blackjack, roulette and poker sites, only the very best make it into our directory.

It is our goal to provide a directory to save the discerning player time and effort in finding the very best and most useful and interesting links concerned with Online RPGs, text adventure games and online fantasy games, but also all types of multiplayer games and game resources including tournament poker, online slots and internet casino sites. To this end we include only the very best 10% or so of the game sites we review and of those we grade them using our easy-to-follow five star ranking system.

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Fantasy Games World

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